Kapa Log Home Restoration

About Log Home Restoration in New England

As a leading provider of log home restoration throughout New England Kapa Log Home Restoration takes pride in offering the best in sealants and chinking. We work with the customer to set up a maintenance program to keep the log home sealed and prevent the high restoring cost. We also offer power washing for commercial and residential buildings and homes and waterproofing applications to bricks, stone, block, and concrete for chimneys, patios, and veneers.

Cabin's Front View by Log Home Restoration in Worcester County, MA

During our off-season, we offer interior painting and interior log home restoration. Be sure to check out our before and after photos. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or assistance in any of these areas mentioned above.


We build relationships with our customers, and our customers know that they can trust us always to provide quality, on-time work. We take pride in restoring your log home to its natural beauty!

References are always available upon request. We'll even take you to one of our ongoing projects so you can inspect our work.

Contact us at (888) 977-2140 in Cherry Valley, Massachusetts, for comprehensive log home restoration and maintenance services.