Kapa Log Home Restoration

Superior Media Blasting & Staining Services throughout New England
With Exterior & Interior Services

Breathe new life into your property with Kapa Log Home Restoration in Massachusetts. From media-blasting and power washing to staining and chinking services in New England, we do it all for the interior and exterior of your log cabin.

Residential & Commercial Power Washing & Media Blasting

You won't believe what a difference home power washing can make to your home or business. Our expert's power wash homes to all types of hardscapes. We also clean old brickwork and apply waterproofing sealants to strengthen mortar joints and prevent water damage.

We also offer chinking to log homes, caulking log homes to expansions joints, doors, entryways, windows, and walls.


We paint home interiors during the off-season using only quality products. We excel at creating custom designs that complement your home.

Painting Services in Worcester County, MA

Contact us at (888) 977-2140 in Massachusetts, for custom interior painting services.